Why CreativeWave

“Capturing the Concept”
Many advertising and production companies have removed the 'creative' from the pre-production process. Our first move with any client is a creative brainstorming session. This way we can bounce ideas around and hear your brand vision. Together with your vision, we will tailor a unique and effective strategy for your entire video campaign.
“Keeping it Legal”
Quite a few production companies have had to cut their standards and processes in order to stay price competitive. Unfortunately, some of the items that many have cut from their checklist could involve serious legal ramifications. Three of the most important items that often fall by the wayside are legal release documentation, appropriate production insurance, and use of music and media that doesn’t breech copyright law. These items are all HIGHLY important to insuring that the client is protected from lawsuits and other issues that could render their finished product useless.
“The RIGHT Camera”
In Idaho, because of the lack of professional A/V rental facilities, many people get caught up in a ‘one camera fits all’ mentality. This can be a very damaging to the results of the final project. Like any tool, you must choose the correct one for each specific scenario. Our camera arsenal includes the "bleeding edge" RED Epic-X UHD Cinema Camera, the Panasonic AF100 HD Cinema Camera, several small form factor HD Cams, HD-DSLRs, top notch ENG style cameras, and even the almost indestructible UHD GoPro HERO3 Black POV cams. Our goal with this arsenal of cameras is to have many of the primary camera bases covered in house, but in the event that even more flexibility is required, CreativeWave has several rental contracts in place with high end rental facilities in the larger video markets. We pride ourselves on being able to choose the perfect camera and lenses for each project, making sure that the appropriate look and feel comes across in each and every shot.
See our Red Cinema Services page for more info!
“The Science of Sound”
Shirking the auditory portion of any production is a sure way to destroy the overall quality of your project. Video is such an effective advertising medium because you are hitting your audience with the perfect 1-2 punch of visual and auditory information. When your sound is poorly captured, you will reduce recognition due to a lack of clarity or an absence of perceived professionalism. Also, the music tracks chosen will often make or break the effectiveness of your advertisement, so we make sure to use appropriate and high quality music every time.
“Lighting and the Cinematic Look”
Achieving that “cinematic look” is undoubtedly the primary goal of most companies seeking professional video production. Unfortunately, many video professionals do not understand that this effect cannot be found by using any one piece of equipment. It is achieved by using a combination of techniques in lighting, movement and camera choices. In other words, no matter the camera, no matter the lens, you must have a veteran lighting tech to create that big budget film look.
“Color Grading & Correction”
One of the secrets to CreativeWave’s stellar results, is hours of meticulous manual color timing and adjustment, using the best video footage formats and the most cutting edge techniques and color grading software. This post-production process ensures consistent and unique color quality throughout the entire video product.
“Distribution of the End Product”
When planning a video project, many companies focus on the immediate needs of distribution and often fail to account for industry changes and progress. Every project we shoot starts at the highest quality possible and remains that way. All the way until we export your final video for each individual distribution need. This means, as your distribution methods and video technology changes, we can re-master your projects for different resolutions, compressions, etc. From the big screen to the computer screen, our goal is to maximize your budget and NEVER have to compromise on the quality of your projects.