Talking to a Watch: A Quick Review of the Android Moto360

When the first generation of Android watches started hitting the shelves I found that unlike most mobile tech, these did not excite me at all. I’m not sure why, but the idea of adding yet another layer of connectivity to my life, especially on my wrist, seemed redundant and pointless.

I probably would have continued to feel this way had my wife not done the research and given me the top of the line Moto360 as a birthday gift. Immediately upon setting it up I became intrigued. As someone who has always had very little use for watches period, I was awestruck by all of the simple ways this watch makes my life easier.

Pairing the Moto360 with my oversized Samsung Note 4 and a Bluetooth headset, I find a rarely need to remove my phone from my pocket. I screen phone calls, read e-mail and issue voice commands all from my watch. Navigation is also wonderful as I no longer need to juggle my huge phone while driving and following directions. Another great addition I didn’t expect to enjoy are the health related apps. Counting steps, examining my heart rate and even reviewing my sleep quality have all become part of my daily life. And from a style standpoint the watch just looks fantastic.

The only downside I have found is that even with the watch face being constructed from Gorilla Glass V3, it still scratches quite easily, so a quality screen protector is an absolute must at the time of purchase.

That’s it! I give the Moto360 (and Android wearable technology as a whole) a resounding two thumbs up. If you are even remotely curious, I would recommend you take one for a test drive and see how it can make your life easier, while keeping you technologically stylish.