Sharing the love: CreativeWave launches new equipment and crew service


Want to shoot your next video project on a RED camera? How about the acclaimed Panasonic AF100? We can help you make that wish come true. In our never-ending quest to bring the highest video production quality to every business, we have decided to launch a new service dedicated to allowing us to help people and businesses with a creative vision reach their full potential. Even if they’re technically our competitors. From this point on, CreativeWave will be offering crew and equipment rentals to everyone. The way this service works, is for an hourly, daily or weekly rate, we will bring out some of our production staff and our gear to shoot at your creative and/or technical direction. At the end of shooting we will deliver all of your raw footage to you for post-production. In the event that you need additional pre/post-production services like script writing, editing, color grading or 3D animation, we would be happy to help you with that as well. Wondering why you would pay for our equipment and technical expertise? The answer is simple. We have more high quality and bleeding edge production gear than any other production company in the state of Idaho and we know how to use it.