A Seriously Stable Company: The Addition of the DJI Ronin Handheld Stabilizer

Since the very first videos created on the Freefly MoVI hit the internet, we at CreativeWave have been absolutely infatuated with owning a three axis stabilized brushless gimbal system. The idea of a platform that stabilized your camera and made everything look like it was simply flying through the air was just way to cool to pass up. However, for much longer than we would have liked, we waited and we watched. We did not want to run into this technology blindly, we wanted to adopt this new tool when the price was right for our clients and the technology was ready. After much research we finally decided that the DJI Ronin was the device we had been waiting for. With stellar software support for quick deployment and a modular design, we knew this device would forever change the way we make images. So we jumped in with both feet and acquired the system late last week. Able to fly everything from our 5k Red Epic to our 4k Blackmagic Production Camera, this gimbal / gyro is robust enough for any job, yet versatile enough to be utilized in countless different  configurations like handheld, mounted to our truck, rigged to one of our off-road vehicles or even hooked up on one of our camera cranes. This tool has limitless possibilities, making it the perfect tool for a company whose simple credo is that the quest for perfection is never ending. For a small idea of what this means for your videos please watch our brief demo below, it is aptly titled “A Moment with Ronin”, enjoy!
A big thank you to my new beautiful wife Jamie Allsbury (Owner @ Counterspace Creative) for being our driver and model throughout the tests!