The future is coming. Are your marketing videos ready?


This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, (CES) almost every major TV manufacturer introduced a prototype for a new ultra high definition television. This means high definition video and television (1080p/720p) is dying fast, and sooner rather than later, UHD (3k/4k) is going to take over displays and broadcasts. UHD is a huge leap forward for viewing detail and quality due to being four times the size of 1080p HD. This means big changes for businesses and who they hire to handle their video marketing.

For those who don’t believe this transition is coming, Google, who has often been a leader in technology adoption, has already integrated UHD capability into YouTube. Also, several consumer, prosumer and professional video cameras have all been released that are UHD capable. These are just a few examples of the tell-tale signs that the industry is getting ready to take the leap.

The primary change this brings to business owners and marketing professionals is simple. Having your marketing materials shot in HD just won’t cut it anymore for two reasons. The first, when UHD becomes standard, HD footage being stretched to fit in a UHD stream will look horrible. Going forward, I would recommend having everything possible shot in UHD in preparation for this change. Secondly, even things today that are still being delivered in HD will look significantly better if originally shot in UHD, and since many companies are switching to UHD acquisition in anticipation of the coming change, your work, if shot in HD, would have significantly less impact and perceived quality.

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Written by Andrew Allsbury, Owner & Creative Director of CreativeWave Idaho