The Dragon Has Landed

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, CreativeWave is ecstatic to announce that our Red Epic MX camera has been successfully upgraded to the new Red Epic Dragon camera. The Dragon is the most technologically advanced digital cinema camera available for purchase worldwide. Our primary goal in always chasing the best in cinema technology and techniques is to remove all of the limitations possible from our creative process. The Dragon takes us a long way towards achieving this ever moving target. The quality of footage we are getting out of the Dragon during our testing phase is just breathtaking and we cannot wait to put it into production on a real project. For more information on using the Red Epic Dragon on your next video project, please contact CW.


Major Technical Upgrades:

Dynamic Range of a Whopping 16.5+ Stops (Without utilizing HDRx)

DR is the measurement for what a camera sensor can capture from light to dark in one image. Digital sensors have always been far behind film in this respect. Most digital cameras only have the capability of capturing between 8 and 10 stops of dynamic range, while perfectly processed 35/65mm film is capable of up to 14 stops. Our new Red Epic Dragon is capable of 16.5 stops without utilizing HDRx processing and 20+ if we choose to process using HDRx. This will give your projects beautiful lifelike images that are closer than ever to matching what we can see with the human eye.


6K Ultra High Resolution

Coming in at 9x the resolution of 1080P HD and 56x the resolution of standard definition, the Red Epic Dragon’s 6K resolution is the perfect multiuse format for footage that is going to be around for a while. From web videos, to 4K home delivery and even IMAX theatre viewing, there is no bar too high for delivering your videos.


Low Light Sensitivity & Temperature Mixing

One of the few week points of the Original Red Epic-X was its low light sensitivity. For most applications the sensor needed to be rated at about 400 ASA/ISO for best results. This meant we often needed more lights and more time during setup. With the new Red Dragon Epic we can rate most scenes at around 2000 ASA/ISO for much quicker setup and allowing us to utilize much more in the way of ambient light. Another great time saver is how well the Dragon handles mixed lighting. In the old days we would have to scour the set to be sure that we only had one light temperature, now we can be a little more creative in how we light each scene.

New RAW Color Science

Under the hood of this beauty is a new color engine that guarantees accurate colors and gamma. This gives your image the perfect neutral starting point to allow us to grade your footage to any look desired.


Far too many other upgrades to list here…contact CW for more!