February 2015

We Make You Look Good

One of the biggest fears plaguing people who have to be on camera is the fear of looking bad. This fear exists for good reason. Many videographers look at a scene or interview from a purely functional standpoint and do not take into account the art of how to make their talent look flattering. We at CreativeWave always have the goal of making our talent look at least as good as they do in real life if not even better. There are three major factors that play into our approach.

Camera & Lens

Bringing Home 4K

Now that so many great 4K TVs are available for purchase, many clients and friends have been asking us how to pick out a good 4K Ultra High Definition TV or display for their offices/homes. Being that we have become the 4K production authority here in Idaho, we decided it was time to throw together something of a buyer’s guide both for work and pleasure.
First step, big or small?
Size does matter. There are two primary uses for 4K displays, the first being as a media viewing device (TV) in your home or office.