January 2015

Connie DeMond, Simplot Company

“What a great experience!! I had the opportunity to work with Andrew and his CreativeWave team of diverse professionals to produce a video for our Company. We had a very tight timeframe to work with on a very challenging project and we created a great product. Andrew and his team were very accommodating and worked very hard to meet all our unusual requirements and requests. What was even more impressive is the fact Andrew’s wedding was during this same timeframe and he still came through with a product which was even more than we had expected.

Anna Kerr, Simplot Company

“I had the opportunity to work with Andrew and his amazing crew at CreativeWave, in producing a video for our company.  Working with CreativeWave was an awesome experience.  We gave them a very tight deadline with a very challenging project and they produced a great product. The quality and content of the video was just what we hoped for.  I look forward to working with Andrew and his crew again.”

Idaho Moving Pictures

Recently we have been working on an interesting project for one of our clients. The client asked for gorgeous footage that captured the calming beauty of our local Idaho environment. The catch was that all the shots needed to be wide and all the shots needed to be 100% camera static. Think of this project as wall art with some motion within a static frame. So often we as cinematographers get so caught up in the motion and the trinkets that we forget to simply enjoy the art of capturing pretty pictures.

A Marketing Resolution: Free Boise Downtown Timelapses for Winter & Fall | Free Stock Footage

This year’s resolution at CW is simple, give back to those in the local marketing community. Having worked as a marketing director myself, I know how hard it is to come up with new content to grab people’s attention, especially when budgets are tight. Because of this we will be giving away awesome local stock footage that is free to use commercially. We only ask that you not remove our logo watermark in any way and that you don’t directly re-sell any of our footage.